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No negative thought puts you in the corner! - 001

Nov 02, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of 'The Speaking Club', a podcast I've wanted to do for a long time to share some of the insights I've picked up over the years, and to share the learning from experts that will be coming on as guests, to help with all aspects of your public speaking journey.

My other key aspiration with this podcast is to have some fun! Laughter has been a big part of my life, and I think there's not enough of it in business, so I'm hoping with the learning, you also get some smiles.

Whether you're just starting out, have some experience with speaking in public, or you make a living speaking professionally, there's will be something here for everyone.

In this first episode, I tell you a bit more about the show, my background story, and share some tools and techniques for overcoming any fears you may have around public speaking, that will also work for other areas of your life.

Mindset is such an important skill to master for public speaking success. Lots of people have a general fear about speaking full stop, whilst many have a fear around a particular area, maybe adding humour, story-telling, or audience interaction, which hampers their ability to become a great speaker, rather than just an adequate one.

This hit home to me recently because of a response I got to one of the questions within a survey I put out. The person wrote that they had such fear around giving presentations, that they actively avoided any chance of doing so, even if it meant missing out on promotions in the past. Having your ambitions and life limited in this way is so sad, and I hope that some of the tips I share in this episode will help anyone else feeling that way, whatever the fear is related to.

So, in this episode here's what you learn:

  • The rule for overcoming fear and increasing confidence.
  • Where negative thoughts come from and why it's completely normal to have them.
  • How you can manage and neutralise negative thoughts to diminish their power.
  • How you can develop your power to control your mind for peak performance and increased focus.
  • The secret tool for overcoming procrastination when it comes to taking important decisions.
  • A great technique to stop your mind sabotaging you taking action towards achieving your goals and dreams.


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