Magically Speaking with Richard Parsons - 002

Nov 02, 2017

In my opinion, if you’re a public speaker, you are also an entertainer… yes your primary purpose is likely to be to educate, inform, or inspire, but without being able to grab people’s attention, to keep them interested and stimulated, whatever message you have is likely to get lost. So, it stands to reason we could probably learn a lot from professional entertainers, which leads me to this week’s guest, Richard Parsons.

Richard is an award winning, professional close-up magician, pick pocket and full member of the magic circle.

This is an action-packed episode, not only do we delve into the life of a magician, and get the curtain pulled back on some tricks of the trade, but we get some great speaking advice.

Richard talks about managing nerves, tips for engaging people, Coué's Law and the power of auto-suggestion, how he gets bookings, and lots, lots more more.

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