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Secrets to Storytelling (Part One) - 005

Nov 02, 2017

Stories have been with us since before language was invented to pass on history, learning, to keep order and to keep us alive, and they are as important today as they ever have been. For Speakers, and anyone who is selling…whether that’s a product, an idea, a change or any solution to a problem…being able to tell stories that create an emotional connection with your audience will get you results.

I’ve spent years studying and writing stories, and have used them extensively, as a comedian, a speaker, a business woman, and as an international playwright. In this episode, (the first of a few I’ll be doing on storytelling), I want to share why I believe stories are so critical to business and speaking success.

I also give you the essential ingredients great stories must have and practical examples of these in films, adverts and copy so you can see how they work. I’ve also got another great freebie to give away at the end, so keep listening.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why are stories a critical tool for your speaking and business success?
  • The framework you need to follow to make sure your strategy and message are clear before you even think about adding in the stories and humour.
  • The essential ingredients of a great story
  • Examples of stories in action everywhere!

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