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What Makes a Great TEDx Talk with Ryan Hildebrandt - 012

Dec 28, 2017

Ryan Hildebrandt is an engineer, entrepreneur and marketer that works with multi-billion dollar clients to connect their message to their market. He also works with people who want to get their first TEDx talk.

As a founder of one of the most successful TEDx events in the UK, he knows what it takes to get selected, and what you need to do to get your message heard by the most people.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you get a TEDx Talk
  • How you can make your talk stand out
  • Common myths about TED Talks
  • The life-changing opportunities your TEDx Talk can bring you
  • Why you need to treat a TEDx talk differently to a normal speaking engagement
  • Why a TEDx Talk is one of the best ways to build your credibility, authority, and brand
  • How long it takes to prepare your TED talk and why
  • How to test your talk or app or book ideas to maximise their chance of success
  • Why you should do a little upfront brainstorming to get opportunities coming to you for years after your TED Talk.


Get Your First Ted Talk

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