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What Has Humour Ever Done For Us?! With Emma Stroud - 018

Feb 01, 2018

Emma Stroud’s photo on LinkedIn is currently her dressed as a Banana…that might give you some insight into the lady herself.

Not the typical background for an executive coach or host of global events, she has been a funny actress, a clown, and she is currently improvising in the centre of London.

But it’s this cocktail of comedic exploits that makes her stand out, (even though she is teeny tiny!).

In this episode, we delve into her passions, and mine her speaking experience for a raft of useful and enlightening nuggets for wherever you are on your speaking journey.

What you’ll learn

  • Why humour is useful for working with people on deep topics.
  • How adopting the mind-set of a clown can help you become a better MC.
  • The benefits of using improve tools in your speaking, life and business to create bigger profits.
  • The difference between great speakers and average speakers.
  • The first thing you should consider when preparing a talk.
  • Why using stories makes your talk unique.
  • Why adding humour should come from your truth.
  • How to make sure you start your talk with power and impact. 


All things Emma: 

See Emma’s Improv Group ‘The Banana Bunch’

Twitter @Stroudemr

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