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The Business of Speaking with Warren Knight - 021

Feb 08, 2018

Former Hip Hop dancer, Professional Speaker and Entreprenur, Warren Knight has a vision is to help 100,000 global businesses successfully sell more products and services by 2020.

To achieve this, he uses speaking, and writing to show organisations how to use technology to build brand awareness and new revenue streams.


At 22, Warren got a grant from the Prince’s Trust and started a successful European music and clothing distribution company, before shifting gears to become the director of a global stationery and accessory business working with Disney and Nickelodeon, where he grew the business from a $5 million to $30 million company in a 5-year period, selling to over 30 countries, and achieving $1 million sales in one month. With industry awards behind him, he then co-founded two IT companies and got the first to £1m value within two years.

Today, he alongside his other channels he teaches people how to setup and use social networks for their business through online coaching.


What you’ll learn

  • Three tips for avoiding failure in your business
  • How speaking can form the centrepiece of your business
  • How you can source material for your presentations.
  • How Warren uses ‘pillars’ to keep the audience engaged
  • The difference between how you approach platform speaking vs keynote speaking
  • The difference between webinars and straight public speaking
  • Why LinkedIn is a great tool for speakers and how you should use it to get more speaking gigs.
  • Why and how you should optimise your LinkedIn profile.
  • Why you should have a business model on the back end of your speaking.



All things Warren:


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