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Are You a Back-Seat Driver in Your Life? with Louise Ladbrooke - 025

Mar 08, 2018

With a successful business, national awards raining down, and her very own billboard, anyone would have thought that Louise Ladbrooke was living the life so many people dream of.

However, despite the invitations to speak in Europe and alongside the likes of Gordon Brown, she was feeling anxious 24/7, in fear of being discovered for the fraud she felt she was. Addicted to the drugs of praise and recognition, and driven by impossible standards she continued to maintain the façade of success, until her body caved in.

After sacrificing her wellbeing and happiness at the altar of perfectionism, Louise had to begin a new journey to discover herself, how to manage the destructive thoughts that had made her ill, and to learn what actually made her happy. In this episode she holds nothing back, she’s painfully honest, and shares the lessons she’s learned so that you can navigate today’s world of social media, the hard world of speaking, and achieve business success without losing your health or happiness.

What you’ll learn

  • What’s critical in creating a successful business.
  • How questions help you manage your negative thoughts.
  • Why it’s important to identify what drives you.
  • Why you should stay true to your own vision and plan.
  • Why you should be first on your list of who matters.
  • The power of finding time for your passions.
  • How you can practice mental awareness to recognise and short circuit negative thinking, and the physical problems that follow.
  • How to stay resilient as a speaker.
  • Why being authentic as a speaker is critical to your success and audience engagement.
  • Why stories are an essential part of your speaking toolkit.

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