The Powerpoint Surgeon Will See You Now with Lee Jackson - 031

Apr 18, 2018

Lee Jackson is a Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, a motivational speaker, author and coach who knows his onions. He regularly coaches experts on how to design their slides in a way that connects with regular people.

Speaking to teenagers and young adults, was a challenge that Lee conquered early on in his journey, and one which laid the foundation for the speaking and coaching success he enjoys today. He continues to give motivational talks in the education sector, alongside the keynotes he delivers in the corporate world, and his down to earth and playful style make sure he is very much in demand.

This episode is jam packed with gems that will help you get more confident, get more engaging and generally get better at public speaking.

What you’ll learn

  • The key ingredient for talking to young people
  • How to make sure your slides don’t suck!
  • Pointers for sharing technical / complex information on slides for lay people.
  • Why you should never share notes before you present.
  • The importance of distilling your presentation down into core points.
  • Why it’s important to challenge the system and culture within your organisation.
  • The purpose of slides in your presentation.
  • How humour, used appropriately, can build a bridge between you and your audience.
  • Three tips for reducing speaking anxiety.
  • How a routine can raise your speaking game.
  • Why it’s important to get the balance right in your preparation.
  • How breaking your presentation down into chunks can help with your preparation and practice.
  • Why you should always try to get objective feedback on your talk and your slides from more experienced speakers.

All things Lee Jackson:

Get Good at Public Speaking Book


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (Original)

Nancy Duarte – Slideology Book

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