Growing Your Sales Power with Julie Holmes - 038

Jun 21, 2018

Julie Holmes didn’t have a typical path to sales, and for years she did all she could to avoid having anything to do with it. With a degree in public speaking, and some diverse jobs under her belt, she entered the corporate world as a software consultant implementing software systems for big players like Oracle and JD Edwards, before moving into marketing and eventually the dreaded sales in her own tech start up.

After hundreds of hours of professional sales, marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial training, coupled with interviews of CEOs, other sales professionals, and her own experience of selling, Julie is now a seasoned expert. As a Professional Speaker, she talks about defining prospects, whole company selling and the value proposition, and on this show, she is giving us the low down on how to become the champion and trusted advisor of your prospects, and to sell without selling.

What you’ll learn

  • Why selling feels so hard to do and tactics for overcoming this.
  • What criteria you need to consider in defining your target customer
  • How technology has affected the way that we sell.
  • Why your offer needs to be clear and focused.
  • The different considerations in selling as part of a corporate organisation vs a small business or entrepreneur.
  • How to win more sales as a speaker.
  • Why and how you should present your brand at the level that you want to do business.
  • The importance of knowing the value of what you offer to the client or customer.
  • How and why you should leverage the power of your network when you are building your business.
  • Why your whole organisation should become your sales team.
  • Why you should treat your customers like balloons.
  • The power of authenticity in speaking.
  • Why you should create your talks like you’re creating a banquet for your audience.
  • How great speakers affect an audience.

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FaceBook / Twitter / Instagram: @thejulieholmes

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