The Secrets to Filling Your Events & Workshops with QJ – 040

Jul 05, 2018

QJ, (yes that is his name…I asked him), started life as a musician, although classically trained, his dream was to become a rock star. Through following this dream, he discovered a new passion…putting on and filling events that entertain and inspire. It turns out he was pretty good at it too…from the first gig he put on at his school, to the 1000 plus seater events he was later to stage, to the workshops he runs today.

Over the years QJ has been fine tuning what works and what doesn’t, and now he shares this knowledge to help others successfully run their own events. QJ teaches speakers and coaches how to attract, (he calls it ‘magnetize’) your audience so that your events are full, and then how to mesmerize them with the event itself, so that they want to continue working with you.

I tried my best to make the most of having QJ on The Speaking Club and picked his brains on all aspects of putting on an event to maximize the value for you…and boy did we cover a lot of ground!


What you’ll learn

  • The psychology behind filling an event and why you need to create a buzz.
  • What sort of lead time you should have.
  • Why you should start from the perspective that no-one knows you.
  • How you can overcome the challenges of filling events today.
  • What an ‘egoic’ label is and why you should use it.
  • Why the message in the film, ‘The Field of Dreams’ was wrong!
  • Why just getting a few people on your first workshop isn’t a disaster and how you can use this to springboard to success.
  • What you need to know about workshop titles and why they matter.
  • The reason why you need to treat your workshop as a store and have other products to sell.
  • The difference between webinars and live events, and the myth about webinar pricing.
  • Why Facebook ads aren’t always the right answer for marketing your events.
  • The right way to become an in-demand speaker.
  • Why taster sessions are an exceptional marketing opportunity.
  • How you can mesmerize your audience with your event.
  • How to choose the right price for your workshop.
  • What your offer should contain to make people book.
  • Why you should follow up.

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A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson

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