Life, Productivity and The Pursuit of Happiness with Simon Raybould – 042

Jul 12, 2018

Dr Simon Raybould found his way to becoming a Speaker and Trainer, by way of being a professional researcher, actor, lighting technician and fire eater. He got interested in communication after seeing valuable research getting lost as politicians and policy makers couldn’t understand it. That led him to write his first book Presentation Genius.

It was when he was writing that book that the idea for his latest book on productivity, ‘Coming Up for Air’ came about. He managed to research and write his first book in under three months, and spend more time doing the things he loved in the other areas of his life.

In this show he is sharing some of the things he did to increase his productivity, and as a speaker, he also shares how he implements his system in his business.


What you’ll learn

  • What a sigmoid curve is and how it can help your productivity
  • Why you shouldn’t work in fixed blocks
  • How you can find your optimum task productivity time
  • Why we spend too much time working
  • What the AIR model is and how it can help you be more happy and productive
  • Life hacks for staying motivated
  • Why you must have a productivity system
  • The compound effect of productivity hacks
  • Simon’s top 5 tips for staying productive
  • Simon’s top 3 presentation tips

All things Simon: 

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Twitter / Linked In / Facebook: @Presentations

Presentation Genius


Dune by Frank Herbert

Voice and the Actor by Cicely Berry

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