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Aug 16, 2018

Jay Miller dreamed of and trained to be a classical singer, and though his original dream drifted away from him, his love and passion of voice stayed. He has spent the last 20 years training speakers, actors and business people how to develop a great voice, as well as overcome anxiety around public speaking.

He is now one of Canada’s finest voice and speech coaches, appearing across the Canadian media, and his work has had a profound effect, not only on building compelling and engaging voices, but also on the lives of those people that work with him. Jay is of the firm belief, that you cannot work on the voice, without affecting the emotional and mental aspects of human beings at the same time.

In this show Jay is sharing so much insight about a critical tool that we use every day but that we never give the attention and care that we should. This show will open up your eyes and ears to the power of the voice, and what you should be doing to cultivate it to fulfil its potential. We learn some critical distinctions and some great tips for increasing the power and impact of our message.


What you’ll learn

  • Why voice training is about more than just about how you sound and how it can transform your life.
  • Why you can’t separate the physical, emotional and mental aspects in voice work.
  • How voice work develops tangible, physical skills that have far reaching effects on your performance.
  • Why you need to get out of your head and into your body to have a great voice.
  • The impact of ignoring the importance of voice in your speaking and communication.
  • That everyone with a healthy voice has the potential to develop a compelling and engaging voice.
  • The barriers to having a compelling voice.
  • The distinction between voice and speech work.
  • Why relaxation is so important for a great voice.
  • The distinction between projection and speaking louder.
  • How you fill a space with your voice.
  • Why cultivating a great voice is like raising a plant.
  • A tip you can use to sound better tomorrow and develop vocal stamina.
  • Why breathing is so important to becoming a great speaker and improving your health.
  • How finding space in your body can make your voice richer, stronger and more engaging.
  • Why voice training is a profound tool for managing stage fright and public speaking anxiety.
  • How you can overcome an overly nasal sounding voice.
  • How influential the sound of a person’s voice is.
  • Typical problems that men and women have with their voice and why.

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Books mentioned in the Show*:

Trust Me by Nick Morgan

The Actor Speaks by Patsy Rodenburg

The Right to Speak by Patsy Rodenburg


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