How to Make Clever Funny with Dr. Steve Cross – 049

Sep 13, 2018

Steve Cross began his career as a scientist, but soon left the lab to pursue his calling of making science more engaging. He shifted into communications, which led him to start the Bright Club, a project to make scientists funny. Today, alongside his more serious work with Universities and other institutions, who he helps with communication and engagement policy, he is also regarded as a Prince amongst Nerds! He has created a geeky comedy empire teaching all sorts of clever people how to make themselves and their content more engaging.

In this show Steve gives us some brilliant tips for making our content funny, whether we’re a speaker looking to up our audience engagement, or a business owner looking for ways to build our brand and business. Steve is also keen to share why we should let go of the concept of a ‘great speaker’ and follow our own path in business.


What you’ll learn

  • Why learning comedy is one of the quickest things to learn to make your content more engaging.
  • The power of comedy and humour in improving your public speaking, raising your confidence, and growing your career.
  • How to moderate your style for your audience.
  • What an ethnographer is.
  • How emotionally engaging with your own work makes it funnier.
  • Why being funny is a learned, rather than natural skill.
  • How comedy comes from detail and specificity.
  • Ways in which you can make your content engaging across various communication channels.
  • Why the tools and techniques of comedy are effective in building your social media profile and following.
  • The importance of designing your own visual identity as a speaker.
  • Why we should let go of the concept of a ‘great speaker’
  • How critical it is to adapt your style for the audience you’re speaking to and what they need.
  • Why doing stand-up comedy is the most effective tool for teaching you to read an audience.
  • The benefits of trying new things rather than sticking with the same talk.
  • How to handle difficult questions.
  • Why it’s important to choose the way you run your own business, rather than trying to keep up with the latest trends.

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Impro by Keith Johnstone

Teach Yourself Stand Up Comedy by Logan Murray


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