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Framing Your Talks for Bigger Impact - 050

Nov 22, 2021

This month has been loosely themed around performance, and I’ve had an idea for months of doing an episode on ‘Framing’. This concept is used in many art forms, and is basically another story, situation or structure that allows the original story to be told, or better understood by the audience. You will have come across ‘framing’ in various forms within the arts, from Shakespeare plays to Hamilton the musical, from the movie Forrest Gump to the book 1001 Nights.

It’s so important to be able to keep your content fresh, engaging and relevant, and ‘framing’ is a tool that I use in my own talks and one that I teach when I’m coaching clients to achieve this. It allows you to keep your core content but frame it in a way that makes your presentation more accessible and relatable for different groups of people.
I hope you enjoy the show!

What you’ll discover:

  • Why speakers should use framing.
  • What ‘framing’ is and where it is most commonly used.
  • Examples of framing across theatre, TV, film and literature.
  • How you can use framing in your talks without starting from scratch.
  • Examples of different frames you could apply using one of my talks as an example.


Storytelling Template for Success

Thanks for listening!

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