Stepping Up as a Motivational Speaker with Joy Marsden – 055

Oct 04, 2018

Joy Marsden left the corporate world of marketing and trade relations helping brands like Dolmio and Uncle Ben and became known as a motivational speaker, because that’s what her audiences kept calling her. Her messages resonate because they are real and relatable. She blends story, with song, humour and practical ideas to engage and inspire audiences across the globe. She doesn’t have a big ‘sob story’ but many little ones from everyday life that move audiences and connect with hearts and minds to inspire change and help people take action.

She has worked all over the world helping individuals and organisations manage new challenges through her ethos of ‘Keep Stepping’. She is also a coach and author and uses simple, practical methods to help her clients achieve their goals. At the time of writing she is also just about to take over as President of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland and gives real insight into being a member and the benefits of spending time with other speakers.


What you’ll learn

  • One of the ways to help you identify what type of speaker you are is to pay attention to what your clients are saying about you.
  • Why it’s critical to know yourself as a speaker and how your clients relate to you.
  • What makes the most powerful speakers.
  • Why it’s imperative as a speaker for you to know where you are going and where you want to end up.
  • The importance of self-belief in selling yourself as a speaker.
  • Why branding your business and yourself as a speaker can take things to the next level.
  • The distinctions between self-management, self-mastery and self-leadership.
  • Joy’s three top tips for being successful in life.
  • The steps Joy goes through to prepare her talks.
  • Why you should sell first and write your speech or workshop after.
  • How important it is to have tools in your pocket that can change the energy in a room when you’re speaking.
  • The important of developing your ability to read an audience for success as a Speaker.
  • The benefits and realities of belonging to a Speaking Organisation.
  • Joy’s three tips for getting more paid gigs.
  • Why you must explicitly ask for what you want.
  • What Joy learned from Zig Ziglar.

All things Joy:

Keep Stepping by Joy Marsden

Books mentioned in the Show*:

From Faith to Faith by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

How to Get What You Want by Zig Ziglar

Master Successful Personal Habits by Zig Ziglar

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