Mongrels, Sales and Speaking with Steve De Mamiel – 058

Oct 25, 2018

After 20 years in sales and marketing working for vineyards and clients like Google and Facebook, Steve De Mamiel knows a thing or two about what works in attracting and converting customers. He is a sales and marketing coach and speaker has written a book called The Mongrel Method, which combines stories based around his dog, with sales tips.

On this show we get into how sales have changed, the value of social proof in speaking and business. We also talk about the signals we should be reading from buyers in order to place them correctly on the acquisition journey…and of course we also cover off Steve’s speaking, how he gets his speaking gigs, and puts his talks together, and the position of speaker agencies in today’s world.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why there’s a strong correlation between how you scope a project and how you qualify a sale.
  • How the distinction between sales and marketing has blurred.
  • Why people will believe a random stranger on a review site over a sales person and you must use social proof whatever business you’re in.
  • How social proof and social listening are replacing R&D and Net promoter score.
  • Why an offline sales strategy is as important as it ever was.
  • What the mongrel method is and how it came about.
  • Why storytelling is so effective to aid learning and understanding.
  • What ‘customer intent’ is and why it’s so important for growing your business.
  • Why it’s important to have customer intent conversations with your prospects.
  • What micro moments are and why we should pay attention to them.
  • How we need to be connecting with our customers where they are, not where it’s most convenient for us.
  • Why many people underestimate the effort and ROI that you get in creating something bespoke for the audience you’re speaking to.
  • Why you need to think out of the box when you’re courting new business.
  • How Steve puts his talks together.
  • Why you should be prepared for anything when you’re speaking.
  • The power of focusing on one thing.

All things Steve

The Mongrel Method by Steve De Mamiel

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