Mastering the Human Side of Speaking and Business with Peter Cheese – 060

Nov 08, 2018

When I met Peter Cheese, I knew he would make a wonderful guest for the show. He is an expert in people and change management, with a distinguished career at one of the biggest consulting firms in the world, followed by Chief Exec positions at two of the leading people organisations in the UK. On top of that he is a recognized thought leader, government advisor and a very in demand speaker.

Peter’s career has taken him all over the world, working with different industries and cultures, and his ability to speak has been one of the big factors in his success. In this show we talk about business and speaking and consider the challenges that are facing people and organisations today and tomorrow and how to get prepared to meet them in the strongest way possible. We also look at the importance of the ‘human’ factor in all aspects of leadership and business and also in great public speaking. Peter shares his secrets for preparing and delivering successful engaging talks, and his dislike of being constrained by a script!


What we talk about:

  • Why many of the business, leadership and people management models we use are out of date.
  • That it’s important to think about the legacy you want to leave in the world.
  • Why flexible working will become a necessity for businesses who want to keep attracting top talent.
  • Why we need to be moving towards work life integration rather than work-life balance.
  • The top three challenges around people for micro, small & big businesses in preparing for the future of work.
  • How you can prepare yourself as an employee, or entrepreneur for the future of work.
  • Why our education systems are far too specialised for equipping children with the skills they need in business today and tomorrow.
  • Why public speaking is a fundamental skill in business.
  • The process Peter uses to put his talks together.
  • Ways in which Peter connects to the audience.
  • Why you need to think of your speaking as a performance and how you should engage with them in your delivery.
  • How important your emotional state and showing your human side is to the success of your talk.
  • Why stories are so powerful in your speaking.
  • Why being able to read your audience is imperative to becoming a great speaker but how audiences dynamics change across the world and by business.
  • A teachable point of view and why we need one.
  • Why mistakes are so valuable in business.

All things Peter


Other Resources:

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

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