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How to Generate Leads in Your Speaking without Selling - 062

Dec 13, 2018

It’s very likely that everyone who speaks has something to sell…if you’re a business owner you may be using speaking to grow your business, or you may be a corporate leader trying to sell an idea or change, or a professional speaker with a side hustle to diversify your income, (whether that’s a book, coaching, a different talk, or product or service). It is also likely that you have previously been speaking at networking or corporate events, where it is not allowed, tactically sensible or appropriate to sell ‘overtly’.

I often coach clients on the strategies they can use to make sure their audience pay attention, they deliver great value without giving all of their content, whilst at the same time creating the desire and motivation for the audience to want to pursue the relationship further and in this show, I’m sharing those strategies and tools with you.


What you’ll discover:

  • The three triggers for getting people to take action
  • Which ones of those triggers are the most powerful.
  • How to use the most powerful trigger to get and keep attention
  • The importance of creating talk titles that hook the audience
  • What strategies you can use in your talks to give value whilst leaving a gap for your products and services to fill.
  • The Takeaway Menu you can use to create leads
  • What you should do without fail at the end of your talk

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