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8 Tips for Managing Anxiety Around Public Speaking - 067

Mar 28, 2019

This episode came about because someone contacted me for help two days before they were going to speak at an international conference to over 300 people. They were very scared and asked if I could give them some last-minute tips, which I did.

It got me to thinking that maybe there’s others out there that would benefit from the same advice. Whether you’re leading your first team meeting, or you’re trying out a new bit of humour in front of a massive audiences, chances are you’ve felt anxious… and if you continue to grow, you’ll keep on feeling it and the buzz that goes with it… if it’s good anxiety getting you into peak performance state…

BUT, if you are feeling so anxious that it’s making you ill, that it’s stopping you from sharing your message, or affecting the impact of your delivery… then it’s bad. I hope there’s some tips in this episode that will help, whichever scenario you’re in.


What this episode covers:

  • How to keep your talk in perspective.
  • Why it’s not about you.
  • What to do if you forget something.
  • Why you need to speak more slowly
  • The powerful body tips you can do to calm your nerves
  • Why you should try to be likeable
  • The right stance and resting place for your hands
  • Have fun and be playful!


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