How to Discover the Power of Letting Go in Life and Public Speaking with Jesse Brisendine – 071

Apr 25, 2019

Jesse Brisendine was on track to have a good life when tragedy and loss shook his world. Feelings of grief and guilt overpowered him, stifling his passion and purpose and snuffing out his natural positivity and optimism. In this podcast he shares how he found his way back towards the light, and how he now uses his story and experience to touch and transforms the lives of others, through his coaching, writing and speaking, and the global movement he has started.

There is gold sprinkled throughout this podcast for helping you manage life, loss, achieve your goals and become a great speaker.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

What we talk about:

  • The fear of not being enough and not being lovable.
  • How stories can connect us across cultures and continents
  • The impact of loss and what we make it mean about us.
  • The epiphany Jesse had that led to him starting a movement thathas rippled across seven continents.
  • The concept of being intentional with happiness.
  • The power of accountability.
  • What Jesse did to achieve the 1000 things in a year challenge.
  • The one thing that was most important to Jesse out of the 1000 things he did.
  • International Sunrise on Sunset Day on September 12th.
  • How Jesse's experiences helped him to become a greater asset and teammate to his clients.
  • The two greatest powers and adversaries’ we humans have.
  • How Jesse helped the actor Paul Walker overcome the challenges of working in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
  • What’s possible if we put action behind our dreams.
  • Why speaking is the greatest platform to connect and inspire Change.
  • Why real communication is not about how good you are with words but being vulnerable and holding the space
  • How we should find our voice and direct it towards something meaningful
  • Why and how Jesse let go of scripted perfection as a speaker to focus on developing his authenticity and impact.
  • Why it's important to prepare in order to achieve impact.


All things Jesse:

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram - @jessebrisendine

1000 Challenge Facebook

Ouch My Heart is Broken by Jesse Brisendine

‘Grief is Not a Life Sentence’ – Jesse’s TEDx Talk

Other Resources:

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

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