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The Map to Greatness in Public Speaking - 073

May 09, 2019

There is something that gets in the way of a lot of speakers having as much impact as they would like. This thing is stopping them from delivering their message with power, authority, passion and personality. I know this because I’ve had the same issue…I couldn’t stop trying to be ‘perfect’.

In this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain in the hope that seeing my challenges and mistakes will help you either pat yourself on the back if you don’t have them…or see that it’s not just you, and there is a way to overcome them.

Without us being our most uninhibited, authentic and present selves when we talk, our message is going to be diluted. To achieve this state, we need to ‘let go’, but that is often easier said than done. Letting go has been very hard for me and in this show, I am sharing what was underneath it all and the new strategies and beliefs I used to find myself.


What this episode covers:

  • What was underneath my resistance to letting go of perfection.
  • What speakers can learn from the top 1% of tennis players.
  • What can make the difference between a good speaker and a great one.
  • Why we need to learn the map not the words.
  • How the search for significance will trip us up.
  • The leap of faith that will lead to success.

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