Tips for Good Health  and Tackling  Taboo  Subjects in  Your Talks with  Katherine  Brooke-MacKenzie - 079

Aug 15, 2019

Katherine Brooke-Mackenzie helps people feel well again using alternative therapies, but particularly colon-hydrotherapy. She has spent a large part of the last 15 years happily taking people’s crap. Based on what she has seen she believes that many of us are living with discomfort, pain and shame because we don’t feel like we can talk about what’s wrong…and she is on a mission to change that.

In this episode we discover the personal challenges and epiphanies that led Katherine to what she does today. She explains why we need to be paying attention to the connection between our minds and our bodies and she shares some great tips for improving our gut health.

We are also talking about Katherine’s public speaking, and how after years of trying she has finally overcome the fear and found her voice. She is sharing about what she does to engage people in a topic that is not normally discussed in polite society.

What we talk about:

  • The connection between our mental welfare, realising our potential and the crap we carry around with us.
  • Myths about poo
  • The factors that influence a healthy gut
  • 3 top tips for a healthy poo
  • The anxiety Katherine had around public speaking and how she overcame it
  • The importance of having a structure, frameworks and stories
  • How important it is to value your experience
  • Why it’s so important to trust yourself and the preparation you’ve done.
  • How humour can help with taboo topics.
  • Why you need the loo before a big talk.
  • The impact of getting the confidence to speak publicly in other areas of Katherine’s life
  • How our thoughts influence our world.


All things Katherine:


Other Resources:

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

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