The 10 Steps to Unlocking the Sensational Speaker Within - 080

Aug 22, 2019

I have a weird background that mixes a long corporate career with speaking, stand-up comedy, theatre, content marketing and coaching. Over the past eight years I’ve been drawing on that unique blend of experience to teach and coach people to connect with and captivate audiences through storytelling and humour.

Throughout that time, I’ve learnt what works best to get results for people and now I’ve captured that success path in my 10-step Story Led Speaking system. In this show, not only am I going to share those 10 steps with you, but I’m also going to signpost you to previous podcast episodes that are relevant for each step.

This system includes the four core ingredients you need to become a sensational speaker and the six-stage process that you must go through every time to get consistent and powerful results with your public speaking. So, whether you’re looking to motivate, educate, sell, pitch, or get stakeholders to buy in I promise this episode is going to be golden for you!


What this episode covers:

  • The secret to unlocking creativity even if you are a left-brainer.
  • The four core ingredients you need to become a sensational public speaker.
  • The 6-stage process for getting results in your speaking every time.
  • Where to get the low down on the core four from previous episodes.

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