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Great Wedding Speech Tips & Humour Hacks with Chris Waddell  – 081

Aug 29, 2019

When you ask the love of your life to marry you, your daughter tells you she’s getting married, (to someone you approve of), or your friend asks you to be best man… after the initial joy, often comes dread. That’s when you suddenly remember that you have to do a wedding speech. Now whether you’re an experienced public speaker or not, the stakes always feel higher in these situations. It’s their big day, you’ll be speaking in front of some of the toughest critics going…family, friends and in-laws… and you feel obliged to try and get some laughs.

That’s why I thought it was time to do another episode on this terrifying topic. I specifically invited my friend Chris Waddell to help me do this show for a number of reasons. He is a veteran wedding speech giver, and recently was best man for his brother, he is very funny, and…he had a lot to say about the last wedding speech episode I did on the show!

Alongside his speaking and comedy, Chris is a Graphic Designer, Photographer and pusher of peoples’ buttons! The tips and hacks Chris and I cover in this show will help your public speaking generally, but if you do have a wedding speech coming up…don’t miss this show!

What we talk about:

  • How Chris decides on the approach to his speech.
  • The tools and ingredients he uses to craft his talks.
  • Adding humour to your speech without having to write a joke from scratch.
  • The fine line of propriety and how to navigate it.
  • Why you should avoid in-jokes, unless you can bring everyone in the audience in on it.
  • Chris’ process for putting his talk together.
  • How you can engage your subconscious to find material for you 24/7.
  • What a ‘bonding gag’ is and how to use it to get your audience onside.
  • The importance of tightening your material.
  • Rehearsal tips that will keep you on track on the big day.
  • What you shouldn’t do after cracking a joke!


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