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Become a Message Led Speaker not a Robot - 087

Oct 10, 2019

I want to help you avoid a bad habit that one of my students fell into that undermined her confidence and impact as a speaker. Unfortunately, some organisations like the one she got it from teach other myths that I debunk here for you!

My mission is to help people overcome any fears they may have about public speaking, using stories or adding humour to their talks, so that they get to share the message they’re passionate about in the most powerful way.

My focus in my 121 coaching and courses is on teaching my students to be the vehicle for their message that could change lives. Everything I do is aimed at landing that message in the most engaging and compelling way and helping them to get out of their own way to achieve that.

Now I’m not saying that my way is the only way, far from it…there are many other great speaking coaches and companies out there…but when I hear things shared or taught that will undermine people’s confidence or speaking impact, or turn them off public speaking altogether then I feel compelled to debunk those myths, and that’s what this episode is all about!


What you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to focus on outcomes not perfect delivery
  • Three public speaking myths
  • The upside of filler words
  • What the seven most popular TED talks have got in common
  • Why being ‘over produced’ as a speaker will turn your audience off
  • The power of detachment and letting go
  • Why you need to instigate an identity separation
  • Three truths about public speaking success


The Story Led Speaking Program

Ted Talks:

Ken Robinson – Do Schools Kill Creativity

Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Mary Roach – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm

James Veitch – This is What Happens When You Reply to a Spam Email

Cameron Russell – Looks Aren’t Everything Believe Me I’m a Model

Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation

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