The Shortcut to Happiness... with Nahla Summers - 095

Dec 05, 2019

After suffering tragedy in her life, Nahla Summers felt lost, alone and hopeless. A chance meeting with a stranger on a beach offered a chink of light and hope that things could be different. That chink grew until six months later Nahla found herself climbing Kilamanjaro and hating every minute. Today, Nahla has given up her home, her job and her beliefs about what matters in life, but the happiness she has gained in exchange is priceless in her eyes.

In this podcast, my guest Nahla shares about how she started a charity where monetary donations are not accepted, the challenges she has faced, what’s next and how speaking underpins everything she does.

This episode will make you think about your life and your speaking and I’m sure you’ll come away with insight, inspiration and value.


What we talk about:

  • How one tiny act of kindness can cause ripples across the world
  • Why Nahla thinks human connection is more valuable than money
  • Why we sometimes have to trust rather than measure
  • How we can find more happiness by focusing on what we want and can influence rather than what is wrong and outside our control.
  • How you can influence others by doing acts of kindness
  • Why we shouldn’t triage stress and anxiety
  • How businesses can get productivity and engagement improvements through creating a culture of kindness
  • The importance of speaking to Nahla’s mission
  • How Nahla approaches creating talks
  • Nahla’s tips for other speakers
  • How the structure of your talk can make a difference
  • The fear that may stop us from doing an act of kindness
  • A brilliant example of Karma in Nahla’s life


All things Nahla and Sunshine People:

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Other Resources:

Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown

Cracking Speech Mate! – How to Use Humour to Make You an Amazing Speaker (Hard Copy) by Sarah Archer

Cracking Speech Mate – by Sarah Archer (Ebook)

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