How to Use and Interpret Non-Verbals to Get What You Want with Shelly O’Donovan - 097

Dec 19, 2019

Shelly O’Donovan, CEO of the Authentic Influence Group is back to give us more insight and tips about non-verbal communication. She is an expert in body-language and facial expressions after switching from over 20 years in the public policy arena. She has worked with corporations to shape their strategy and building bridges between the commercial interests of organizations and government affairs. During her time working in government relations, public policy, lobbying, grassroots advocacy, legislative and regulatory processes, and policy maker engagement she has seen the gamut of body language dos and don’ts. It was in this arena she noticed some of the brightest people weren’t having the impact they deserved, yet others with half the substance and potential were having great success.

After studying the arts of body language, personality types and lie detection, not only did Shelly see her own status and influence increase, but she was able to discern why others were successful or not. Today she speaks, coaches and trains on increasing the impact of your body language for speaking, confidence, gravitas, and sales, and we are lucky enough to have her on the show again sharing what she knows to increase our success in these areas.

What you’ll learn

  • How we make our non-verbals match our message
  • How to decode the face of someone you’re speaking to
  • What micro-expressions you should be looking out for when you pitch and why
  • How to sell anything to anyone using body language
  • The body language ticks of Donald Trump
  • What non-verbal branding is and why you should care about it
  • The non-verbal brand of James Corden and what it says about him
  • Why you should ask for feedback after you speak
  • How you can tell if someone is lying
  • Why the story of Pinocchio’s nose has some foundations in truth
  • How Shelly uses body language in her talks to connect and engage
  • Why you should be open and flexible as a speaker

All things Shelly O’Donovan:

Twitter / Linked In: @shellyodonovan

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Other Resources*

Total Leadership by Stewart D. Friedman

Cracking Speech Mate! – How to Use Humour to Make You an Amazing Speaker (Hard Copy) by Sarah Archer

Cracking Speech Mate – by Sarah Archer (Ebook)

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