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Getting Your Public Speaking Persona Right! - 103

Jan 30, 2020

There are a lot of organisations, coaches and possibly even people you know with opinions and advice about what makes a good speaker. There are probably also lots of speakers you admire. All of this can sometimes lead people to develop a presentation style that isn’t in line with their natural way of being and persona.

I have some strong views on persona and in this show I’m taking a look at persona, what it is, how important it is in public speaking and even how you can find out what yours is.


What you’ll discover:

  • Whether you should develop a different persona for public speaking
  • Why you, your message and your audience need to be in alignment
  • Why I disagree with Roger Ailes
  • What a vitamin brand can teach us about how we need to be on stage
  • How you don’t need to lose yourself even if you want to be funny
  • How you can discover your persona
  • The difference between me and Gary V
  • Why you are absolutely enough!


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