Ditching Imposter Syndrome and Getting Intentional with Clare Josa - 109

Mar 12, 2020


I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly second guessed and doubted myself...and many times have wondered whether I’m good enough... and I’m sure that all of this has got in the way of me achieving goals in the past, or at the very least slowed me down.

In speaking, whether that’s on stage, in a webinar, video or on a podcast, imposter syndrome rears its head often and that’s why a big part of my work with students and on here is helping you manage and master your mindset.

That’s why I invited Clare Josa onto the show this week and I know you’re going to love it. Clare is the UK's leading authority on Imposter Syndrome, having spent the past fifteen years working with business leaders to help them to overcome it, as well as leading the landmark 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study and publishing her new book: Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

An expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, her original training as an engineer, specialising in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, means her approach is grounded in practical common sense, creating breakthroughs not burnout.

She is the author of eight books and has been interviewed by the likes of The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and Radio 4, amongst others. Clare speaks internationally on how to change the world by changing yourself.




What we talk about:

  • How Clare uses speaking to shift perspective.
  • Why you need to be intentional but not attached to the outcome of your talk.
  • What made Clare write her first of eight books.
  • The barriers to meditating and how to overcome them.
  • The impact of not aligning your ‘whole self’ with your goals
  • What Clare discovered about herself during meditation.
  • How Clare ended up becoming an expert in imposter syndrome.
  • The amazing results from the first UK research study into imposter syndrome.
  • The differences in how men and women handle imposter syndrome.
  • How we sabotage our success as entrepreneurs and speakers because of imposter syndrome.
  • Why we find it so hard to celebrate the success of others.
  • How we can turn ‘comparisonitis’ into a positive thing for our growth.
  • The myths around imposter syndrome.
  • The ‘ABC’ emergency first aid technique for tackling imposter syndrome generated fear.
  • The 5-step process for ditching imposter syndrome
  • The results Clare has got by setting an intention an aligning behind it.
  • How Clare uses stories and humour in her talks.
  • Why you should always have a contract and have spoken to a client yourself.
  • How Clare’s business took off when she narrowed her focus.


All things Clare:

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ABC Process -

Twitter @clare_josa

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Ditching Imposter Syndrome by Clare Josa

The 28 Day Meditation Challenge by Clare Josa


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