How to Share and Make them Care with Monder Ram - 119

May 21, 2020

Professor Monder Ram OBE is an expert on small businesses and ethnic minority entrepreneurship research. He has published many papers, consults with small businesses, is a global keynote speaker and a government advisor too. I am also very proud to say he is one of my star students too.

In this episode not only do we discuss some of the findings of Monder’s many years of research into small business challenges and particularly the challenges that migrants and migrant entrepreneurs face, but we talk a whole heck about his speaking too!

This show is a goldmine for great insights and tips that will help you shine as an authentic, captivating speaker and I’m sure you’re going to love it.


What you’ll discover:

  • Why Monder thinks stories are needed more than ever in the academic arena.
  • How sharing real life stories as a scientist has helped Monder influence public policy around small businesses.
  • The three areas of entrepreneurship that trip many small businesses up.
  • Why the issues that face most entrepreneurs are amplified for migrant business owners.
  • The travesty of wasted talent in our communities that could fill vital business roles.
  • How Monder ditched his slides in speaking in 2004 and hasn’t used them since.
  • The differences between a practitioner, academic and policy making audience.
  • How Monder tailors his talk strategy and content for the different audiences he talks to.
  • The in-depth process Monder uses to prepare for a talk.
  • The importance of flow, engagement, framing and starting the talk with a bang.
  • Why being yourself when you speak is vital for connecting with your audience and building your confidence.
  • Why academics and all speakers should consider focusing on the struggle and the ‘why’ rather than just the results in their communication.

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The Examined Life by Stefan Grosz


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