Speaking a Brighter Future into Existence with Michael Arterberry - 122

Jun 11, 2020

Michael Arterberry took sanctuary in sports to distract from the fear and hardship he faced at home growing up. As an adult, he recognised that his ability to stay resilient, keep perspective and positive during the trials of his childhood was not something everyone facing the same challenges was able to do. That epiphany led to a life dedicated to creating 'aha' moments, and a mission to help others find their way through the challenges life throws at them to discover their place of peace.

Michael says “I can’t change your circumstances, but I can help change your perspective.” That’s what his talks and transformational coaching programs do. In this show he is sharing his journey, and some of the tips and techniques he uses with people in creating 'aha' moments and helping them manage those difficult situations.

He also shares how he puts his talks together and some of his secret speaking tricks that inspire, lead, and encourage people to choose the right path for them.


What you’ll discover:

  • How his humble beginnings and difficult childhood shaped Michael and led to what he does today?
  • Why you need to ‘shake off the dirt’ in order to achieve success.
  • How Michael communicates with kids to create ‘aha’ moments that give them a fresh perspective and start.
  • Why teachers are also transformed by Michael’s work.
  • What made Michael switch into motivational speaking and how he made the transition into speaking to adult audiences?
  • How we need to shift from being the passenger to the driver of your car.
  • The impact of African American communities spreading out to more affluent white communities and Michael’s role in bringing them together.
  • How Michael connects to himself and the audience to get great results from his speaking and how to do this.
  • The winning combination to be a successful speaker.
  • Why stories are such a critical tool in Michael’s speaking and teaching tool chest

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The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson


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