Ideas for Creating Art with Your Speaking with Jade Jeffers - 124

Jun 25, 2020

I've often compared speakers and artists, because I believe that speakers are also creating art through speaking. Not only do I think that creating a talk and a piece of art are similar, but both mediums also create stories for their audience, and that's why I've brought artist Jade Jeffers onto the show.

Jade left the city to slow down and fight a progressive illness. After she moved to the coast, she not only rekindled her love of art, but she found contentment in her life.

She is now a beachcombing artist and sells her work all over the world. In transitioning to be an artist, Jade also had to become an entrepreneur realising that in order to share her work she would need to speak to sell.

In this show, Jade talks about her journey, how she finds the stories behind her pieces and how she ‘reads’ her audiences before making her pitches.


What you’ll discover:

  • How Jade turned her life upside down to reconnect with her passion, find a simpler existence and slow down her progressive illness.
  • How she handles feedback about her art.
  • What made Jade choose beachcombing art.
  • How she chooses the objects that become her artwork and then creates the stories from them.
  • The humour that Jade injects into her art and the characters that she brings to life.
  • The journey she has gone on to feel comfortable selling and speaking.
  • How Jade reads the body language of the potential customer to influence how she pitches.
  • Jade’s tips for finding stories for creating art through speaking.

All things Jade Jeffers:

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Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger


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