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How to Gather and Leverage Testimonials to Grow Your Audience - 129

Jul 29, 2020

Positive reviews and testimonials of your product or service are worth their weight in gold…and that’s why it’s so critical to know how to get them, what should be in them and how to present them to maximise their impact.

In my experience though many of us are losing out on the power and benefits of testimonials for a number of reasons:

· We miss opportunities to get them.

· We’re so grateful if someone says they will give us one that we don’t tell them what we want them to cover.

· We don’t put them in the right format.

· We overlook potential ways to leverage them.

Given the impact of social proof to build trust, overcome objections and connect at an emotional level I thought it was worth learning the ins and outs of testimonials for my own business…and of course sharing what I’ve discovered with you too.


What I’m going to cover:

  • Why testimonials are so valuable
  • Top 3 mistakes businesses make with testimonials
  • The two kinds of evidence you need on your site
  • The different types of testimonial
  • How to ask for a testimonial
  • Opportunities not to be missed
  • Ideal length for quote testimonials
  • Seven tips for success with testimonials
  • Software suggestion


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