Why You Should Love Your Audience and Yourself with Lynn Ruth Miller - 136

Sep 17, 2020

Lynn Ruth Miller has had a tumultuous life!

She’s survived a challenging childhood, numerous personal disappointments, and many near death experiences and now she’s 86 and going strong!

Over the past nine decades she has been a teacher, writer, and TV presenter, but despite three degrees including one in journalism from Stanford she never managed to get her dream job as a journalist...but in the end she found something better.

Today, she is the oldest female comedian on both sides of the Atlantic and she is still going strong.

In this show, Lynn shares the ups and downs of her journey and how she overcame fear and learned to love herself. She also gives lots of tips for speaking, humour and storytelling, including how you should relate to your audience so that your talks have greater impact.

She’s quite a character and I’m sure you’re going to love the show.


What you’ll discover:

  • The art of comedy.
  • What scared Lynn before doing her first comedy class at 70 and why she did it.
  • The impact that being able to tell a joke has had on Lynn’s life.
  • Tips for constructing jokes when you’re speaking.
  • Why you need to bring your talks down to a human level when you speak.
  • How Lynn uses personal stories when she’s speaking to make things sticky for her audience.
  • Why you must never say “it was a beautiful day”
  • How systems and formulas underpin creativity.
  • The challenges that Lynn has faced as an older female comedian.
  • How Lynn overcame terrible fear in her fifties.
  • The importance of finding your authentic voice and when Lynn found hers.
  • What Lynn considers is the most important thing you need to do as a public speaker.
  • How and why Lynn reads the audience.
  • Lynn’s tips for storytelling in speaking.
  • Why you should love what you do.

All things Lynn Ruth Miller:



Instagram: @lynnruth82

Lynn’s Facebook Live

Lynn’s Books:

Getting the Last Laugh by Lynn Ruth Miller

Starving Hearts by Lynn Ruth Miller

Other Books:

Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

How Green was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn


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