The Art & Science of Your Personal Brand with Tamara Glick- 138

Oct 01, 2020

Tamara Glick has spent almost 20 years helping people express their personal brands through their wardrobes and their words.

It’s an important aspect of your message, especially when you’re trying to get people to buy your stuff, (whether that’s an idea, change, cause, product or service), because they need to know, like and trust you first. Yet so many of us don’t have a clue where to start, or don’t give our personal brand the attention it deserves.

On this show, Tamara will be sharing exactly what your personal brand is, what ingredients go into it and what you should be paying attention to, so that you get the results that you want.

We’ll be looking at the mistakes to avoid and how your brand interacts with your audience and customers at the various touch points of their journey with you.
If you want to up your brand game, so that more people fall in love with you and your message, then listen up!


What you’ll discover:

  • What makes up a personal brand and why it’s important.
  • Different examples of personal brands in action from influencers today.
  • What turtlenecks signify!
  • The steps you should take to determine your brand and how you should look?
  • The different ways gender affects a personal brand.
  • Why you should stop hiding and be fully expressed even if you don’t feel your body looks the way you would want it to.
  • What ‘smasual’ means in relation to personal dress.
  • How ‘working from home’ could affect your personal brand.
  • Why you must be careful in choosing your style icon.
  • What the different touch points for your personal brand are and what you need to pay attention to at each of these.
  • Why speakers should be intentional about their brand and wardrobe.
  • What you need to take into consideration in relation to your style and brand when you’re speaking online.
  • Three tips for building a capsule wardrobe that will help you shine.

All things Tamara Glick:


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Instagram: @TamaraGlick

LinkedIn: Tamara Glick


I Should Have Honour by Khalida Brohie

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp


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