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Mind These Gaps to Avoid Losing Your Audience - 139

Oct 08, 2020

As you know...there is one thing you can be sure of as a speaker, (whatever platform you’re using) and that is…

...if you make your audience snooze, you lose!

There are some more obvious places like the beginning and end of your talks where you probably know that you need to grab people’s attention, but there are traps all the way through your talk that you can fall into and lose engagement.

During recent coaching sessions, a few of my students had parts of their talk where audience engagement would drop and we worked through these, so that their message would land as planned.

To make sure your talks come alive for your audience I wanted to share a few of the big mistakes, so that you can avoid them too.

What you’ll discover:

  • The information trap
  • Why the facts don’t speak for themselves
  • The power of one
  • Why you should time travel with your audience
  • The danger of loose ends



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