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Where are You on the Path to Speaking Success? - 140

Oct 15, 2020

As a coach the measure of your success is student and client results. That’s why I’m always reviewing my systems, processes and tools to ensure that they lead people down the simplest and quickest path to success by delivering the right teaching and coaching at the right time.

Whilst each person I work with has their own personal goals, ultimately, I believe your success as a speaker comes down to your ability to engage, influence and motivate your audience to take the action you want.

With that in mind, I’ve noticed whilst working with my students, that there are additional elements required for speaking success that need to be in place before any of the other systems, processes and tools that I teach can be put into effective use.

As a result I’ve created a new success path, which enables me and my students to identify where they are on their speaking journey and what they need at that point to move forward to their intended goal.

I wanted to share that success path with you, so that you can evaluate your own position and the gaps you need to fulfil to achieve your own speaking goals.


What you’ll discover:

  • The three essential assets you need before you start
  • The core skills that make you stand out
  • Why you need a talk creation process
  • The final piece of the puzzle


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