Wave Goodbye to Your Fears with Mark Visser - 141

Oct 22, 2020

Many of us have big goals and dreams, but usually achieving our ambitions means taking action outside our comfort zone, overcoming fear and uncertainty, and putting ourselves ‘at risk’ in some way...even if it’s just our ‘ego’ that’s in danger.

My guest on this show is Mark Visser, and he had a dream so big and dangerous that many people told him it wasn’t possible to achieve. But he continued anyway.

He knew he had to prepare for and accept the unpredictable so that he could achieve the unbelievable. So he trained and learned and practiced until he’d completed the challenge he’d set himself and conquered his biggest fear.

Mark is an Australian big wave surfer, author, keynote speaker and ocean adventurer. He created a process to help him reduce fear and perform at his peak in extreme danger and he has since used it to coach many world champion athletes, professional sporting teams, business and elite military groups around the world.

Today, he is sharing it with you to help you conquer any fear that stands in your way.


What you’ll discover:

  • When Mark decided to do something extraordinary and what led him there.
  • How Mark’s limiting beliefs were stopping him from making his dreams a reality and how he changed his mindset and attitude.
  • The questions that guided Mark through his toughest experiences.
  • How you can use fear to your advantage.
  • The internal microphone that we all hold and why we should hand it over to the wiser version of ourselves.
  • How surfing ‘Jaws’ at night fitted into Mark’s quest and led him to discover his eight steps to manage fear.
  • The mental, emotional and physical training Mark did that helped him reach his goal.
  • The mind-body connection and the sequence in which our bodies shut down because of fear.
  • How Mark nearly blacked out with fear the first time he spoke!
  • Mark’s tips for managing future based ‘imagined’ fear.
  • How speaking fits into Mark’s life.
  • Why Mark wrote his book and how it can help you move closer to your dreams.

All things Mark Visser:


Facebook: @MarkVisser


The Big Wave Method by Mark Visser

Stop at Nothing by Lance Armstrong

God I Am by Peter O Erbe


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