Why You Need to Be More Strategic About Business Relationships with Peter Beaumont - 143

Nov 05, 2020

Whatever way you look at it, business comes down to relationships. People do business with people not companies.

Peter Beaumont has led the marketing teams for some of the most iconic global brands, in a career spanning over 80 countries.

In that time he figured out the secret to managing and building strategic business relationships, and now he speaks and consults with other companies using his six step process to help them develop more powerful connections and take things to the next level.

Being able to take a more strategic, intentional and measured approach to developing relationships will benefit you whether you have a multi-million pound company, or you’re an online entrepreneur, coach, author or expert looking to grow your network, audience and sales.

That’s why I’ve invited Peter onto the show!


What you’ll discover:

  • The problem with business relationships that needs to be solved.
  • That not all relationships in business are equal.
  • How to define the key relationships.
  • The important ingredients for developing strategic partnerships.
  • How you know if you’re doing ‘human to human’ business relationships right.
  • Peter’s six step process.
  • Why it’s as relevant for small businesses as large ones.
  • How speaking fits into Peter’s business?

All things Peter Beaumont:


LinkedIn: Peter M Beaumont

Twitter: @pbeaumConnXN

Email: [email protected]


The Relationship Roadmap - Peter Beaumont

Start With Why - Simon Sinek


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