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How to Captivate the Room When You’re Networking on Zoom - 144

Nov 12, 2020

Networking meetings after Covid19 are definitely a different experience...and for some of us the convenience of not leaving the house and the thrill of knowing you’re talking business in your ‘jammie’ bottoms, has worn off.

Zoom fatigue is definitely a thing… and it’s surprising given that most of us can manage to sit for hours watching a whole box set of our favourite show on Netflix. The trouble is that there’s a world of difference between passively enjoying well-written, engaging content versus, networking on zoom where you're trying to look interested in the 20th turgid, soulless pitch, which focuses on the ‘thing’, rather than why it should matter to you.

However you feel about networking online, all the indications are that it’s going to continue beyond the demise of Corona. That means it’s time for you to stop seeing this as a stopgap and start embracing networking on Zoom and some of the advantages it offers you to level up your pitch.

In this show, I’m going to be covering off the basics you need to get right, before sharing some ideas and suggestions, to help your message and business stand out.

What you’ll discover:

  • The basics of good first online impressions - background, dress, lighting, sound, camera
  • Get familiar with whatever platform you’re using - tech doesn’t get in the way
  • How to make your internet more reliable
  • The power of novelty
  • The online opportunities you may be missing out on
  • Ideas for making your pitch stand out



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