Tips for Creating a Compelling Message with Paul Archer - 145

Nov 19, 2020

Paul Archer is a lawyer, trainer and campaigner, who can make even the most complex things simple and relatable.

As an employment lawyer he has represented both employers and the aggrieved, creating compelling arguments to win over tribunal panels.

As a trainer, he has worked with many companies and charities, making the law accessible and manageable.

As a campaigner he has championed many causes, predominantly to fight poverty, but also to make the world a better place.

Paul is also my ex-husband and co-parent to our daughter!

I’ve been trying to get Paul onto the show for a long time and now we’ve managed to make it happen! So, he’s finally here on the Speaking Club to share how he sets about making the complex simple, and builds arguments that create epiphanies and make people care.


What you’ll discover:

  • How Paul went from depressed middle class teenager to poverty campaigner and employment lawyer.
  • Why Paul primarily represents those at the bottom of the labour market.
  • Why most Lawyers miss the most interesting aspect of the law.
  • The most important things you need to do to whatever you’re campaigning for in order to land your message.
  • The story behind one of the most challenging bits of employment law in the UK.
  • Examples of how Paul constructs arguments in a way that is easy for people to understand.
  • How Paul initially struggled to communicate in front of audiences and what he did to overcome this.
  • Why Paul doesn’t use Powerpoints, even on zoom.
  • How Paul builds trust with his audience.
  • An employment lawyer’s view of how Covid will affect the future of work.
  • Why Paul thinks if you can’t explain it simply, you’re not an expert in your field, (apart from sciences).
  • How Paul prepares to communicate complex concepts to a lay audience with an example from one of his campaigns.
  • Why you have to be motivational, whatever your message is.
  • The top three things that Paul believes people need to focus on if they want their message to land.

All things Paul Archer:


Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn - Paul Archer


What Are We Doing Here by Marilyn Robinson

Modern Man in Search of A Soul by Carl Jung


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