How to Make that One Connection That Could Change Everything with Brandon Fong - 147

Dec 03, 2020

Brandon Fong made a connection at the age of 22 that changed his life. It led him to work alongside one of the most successful podcasters and entrepreneurs around and gave him access to an elite group of influencers at the top of their fields.

This all became possible because of the lessons that Brandon learned from his parents at the age of 12. These lessons enabled him to master at a young age, the right mindset and three of the most important skills that an entrepreneur needs for success. They also happen to be the ones that many entrepreneurs struggle to implement.

He has continued to build on those skills and today he is on the journey to his own seven figure business and is helping entrepreneurs use his ‘Magic Connection’ method to develop relationships that will change their lives too.


What you’ll discover:

  • The three lessons that Brandon’s parents taught him at a young age that have helped him fastrack his way to entrepreneurial success.
  • The environments you should look to spend time in that will help you grow.
  • The skill of ‘connection’ and it’s underpinning layers.
  • The secret to successful networking and starting conversations easily.
  • How Brandon’s first mentor taught him the counterintuitive secret to successfully getting money.
  • What happened the first time Brandon went networking at the age of 16.
  • The ‘Ikea effect’ and how you can use this principle to add value to people who are more successful than you.
  • The slipstream technique and how you can use it to accelerate your success.
  • Brandon’s ‘Magic Connection’ method and the three ingredients for success.
  • The benefits of ‘no’ oriented questions and how to use them.
  • An example of an email using Brandon’s ‘magic connection’ method, which helped him change his life at 22.
  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from adding value and making an ‘offer’ at the same time if that time is right.
  • The pros and cons of social media in authentic relationship building.
  • The story of ‘Silence Do Good’ and how to use the Silence Do Good strategy to connect with someone off the radar, or with PR companies and agents.
  • Brandon’s three tips for making the one connection that matters.
  • How speaking fits into Brandon’s business.

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  • Coupon Code for the accelerator program: 7FM

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Twitter: @BrandonSFong


Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Unique Ability 2.0 - The Strategy Group Inc.

Who Not How by Dr Dan Sullivan and Dr Benjamin Hardy


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