How to Make Your Success More Meaningful this Year with Lottie Moore - 152

Jan 07, 2021

Like many people, Lottie Moore hit a wall in the middle of her career, losing herself in the process of living the ‘expected life’. Unlike other people though, she made the decision to pack one suitcase and escape with her 10 year old daughter to deepest, darkest Africa...well Burkina Faso to be exact.

There she learnt a lot about what made her happy, but she didn’t finish the journey of self-discovery, and after a few years back in the UK with a new business things snapped again...literally.

She was forced to confront what she calls her ‘shadow side’ and do the work to deal with the issues that surfaced. BUT...what she experienced on the other side of that made it all worth it.

Her business took off to new and exciting levels, her personal happiness levels soared, and her self esteem flourished. Since then she hasn’t looked back and today helps ambitious business people recover their mental strength and take the big steps they may need to create greater overall success AND fulfilment.

In this show Lottie will share how you can reconnect within the modern landscape to keep your head and body healthy, and to make success meaningful, satisfying, and fun.

What you’ll discover:

  • Why Lottie packed up everything, (including her daughter) and escaped to Africa just before she turned 40.
  • How breaking a bone up a mountain in Russia led Lottie to an epiphany about her life.
  • The good that can come from exploring rather than burying the negative emotions we experience in life.
  • Why 2020 has been the catalyst for many people to look deeper into themselves.
  • Why coaches often need their own medicine!
  • How being ambitious and spiritually enlightened can work together.
  • How the ‘reconnection’ process works to create meaningful change in people’s lives.
  • The three areas of connection we need to seek in our lives.
  • How to make your success meaningful.
  • How Lottie uses speaking to generate leads.
  • Why your own stories are the most powerful ones.

All things Lottie:


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