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12 Pitching Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them - 153

Jan 14, 2021

Your elevator pitch is one of the first and most important marketing assets you need to get together. It’s also likely to be the first bit of public speaking you do related to your business.

Considering both the significant positive or negative impact it can have on your business, it’s surprising how few people invest in learning how to create and deliver it with power and impact.

But that’s not you...because you’re here!

I want to make sure you avoid the mistakes that can sabotage your success, that’s why, in this show, I’m going to be sharing my 12 pitching pitfalls.

This episode will help you make your pitch a platform on which you can build your speaking confidence, build meaningful business connections and build your sales.

What you’ll discover:

  • What your brain and a nightclub bouncer have in common.
  • Why you should be a condiment and not the main course.
  • The messaging guru that could be living in your house.
  • Why you need to become an evangelist for the problem.
  • How to discover the pain for massive gain.
  • Why you need to embrace objections.
  • Why features sabotage the sale.
  • Why you need to infuse your message with passion.
  • How to avoid falling at the last hurdle.
  • Why you shouldn’t disrespect the room.
  • How to build your confidence.
  • Why you need more than one pitch.



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