How to Spend Your Time Wisely with Catherine Gladwyn - 163

Mar 25, 2021

If you’re hustling day and night, but finding you’ve very little to show for it in terms of results, then don’t worry you’re not alone.

One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear from people in business is that “there’s not enough time in the day”... any yet many of us are wasting so much of it without even realising.

This can cause overwhelm, stress, anxiety and potentially burnout… and that’s why I wanted to bring Catherine Gladwyn on this show.

She’s an expert business mentor and multi-award winning #1 bestselling author of two business books. In 2018 The Independent newspaper listed her first book as one of ten best business books written by women and since then she has gone on to be featured in many national publications including The Guardian, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc.

Catherine has learnt through experience and necessity how to protect and value her time. That’s because as well as enduring a recurring brain tumour, she also lives every day with Addison’s disease.

After needing four months off in 2019, she has now designed and built her business so that if she ever needs surgery again, her business can continue on without her, keeping her finances and business presence secure.

In this show, she’s not only sharing how to keep your business safe, but also how to grow by doing less.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why valuing Catherine’s time became a necessity
  • The difference between knowing what you need to earn and knowing your hourly rate.
  • Why creating time boundaries is important, and where you should implement them first.
  • The benefits of outsourcing.
  • What you should outsource first and why.
  • How Catherine uses a VA in her business to to accelerate her growth whilst minimising time and effort.
  • What not to outsource.
  • Why and how to find a replica of you.
  • Tips on finding the right support.
  • Advice on delegating and how to ‘let go’.
  • Why Catherine believes ‘avatars’ are overdone.
  • Catherine’s 20% rule - what is it and why you should care about it.

All things Catherine:

LinkedIn Personal Profile:

Book - The 20% Rule by Catherine Gladwyn

Book - How to be a Virtual Assistant by Catherine Gladwyn


Living with Addison’s Disease


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