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Unblock the Dam and Set Your Stories Free! - 164

Apr 01, 2021

My life and business revolve around stories… in my downtime I love reading, watching and listening to them, and in my business, I tell, teach and write them. But it’s not just my life that stories impact… they underpin the fabric of all of our cultures, religions and societies, and they can bypass defences, connect with us, and build bridges like nothing else can.

Whilst the power of stories has always been there, it feels like their potential is just being realised in the world of business and I think it’s true to say that if you are not using them yet in your business to market your products or services and build a relationship with your customers then you are missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

In my experience of working with clients both on the speaking coaching and the marketing side, there are two things that get in the way of people using stories. The first is not being clear on what is meant by story… and the second is doubting you have any interesting ones to share. In this show I want to tackle both of those barriers and move them out of the way for you.


What you’ll discover:

  • The power of stories.
  • Why stories are vital in speaking and marketing.
  • The myth of creativity.
  • The critical ingredients for creating stories that sell.
  • What a story is and must do.
  • Different story examples.



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