The 4% Mindset and Why You Should Think Like Apple with Iain Cahill - 174

Jun 10, 2021

Iain Cahill is a qualified accountant, with over 30 years’ experience creating and investing in businesses as well as providing financial mentoring to other Business owners and he’s on a mission!

In the early 90’s Iain Cahill started a company in the catering industry with his sister, a while later he took a break to take his accountancy exams. When he returned the company had run into financial trouble, and Iain had to find a way to pay off the debts, a significant proportion of which were overdue tax payments.

Having just studied taxation and the opportunities available to big organisations to make them work in their favour, Iain wondered if small businesses could adopt the same approach. This set him off on a mission, one which not only salvaged the reputation of his first company, but led to him identifying what he calls the 4% mindset, which is at the heart of what he does today and the market disrupting businesses he has created.


What you’ll learn:

  • The 4% mindset, what it is and why this matters for entrepreneurs and the communities they live in.
  • Why small business owners need to treat themselves as the ‘principal company shareholder’.
  • Why financial literacy should always come before social media strategy on a business owners development plan.
  • The economic wars that are underway at the moment, and why they will result in a new financial landscape.
  • The vehicles that Iain has created to help small business owners leverage the 4% mindset in their businesses.
  • The difference these have been making to entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • The biggest objections Iain comes across and how he counters it.
  • Why you need to ‘walk the walk’, before you ‘talk the talk’.
  • Why you should craft a talk, then let go of a script.

All things Iain:


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hills’ Success Principles


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