Yes, And... How Improv Can Help You Grow Your Business And Impact with Avish Parashar - 179

Jul 15, 2021

Avish Parashar is one of those rare examples of someone who made his passion his business.

So many of us settle for less than what makes our heart sing.

In love with performance growing up, when he started college he resigned himself to following a traditional and more secure career path to please his family.

Then one day he saw improv comedy and everything changed. In this show, Avish shares his journey and how he ended up teaching organisations valuable business skills through improvisation.

He is an in demand speaker, weaving together humorous stories, jokes, audience interaction, and improv comedy games, to keep the audience engaged while imparting key lessons.

Not only will you learn some new business tools through improv, but you’ll also discover some great speaking tips to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

What you’ll learn:

  • Can you remember back to when you first saw your first improv show … where were you in your life, what made you fall in love with it and what happened next?
  • What were the challenges you faced in making a career out of your passion?
  • How did you work out how to position yourself and your content for the corporate world?
  • What is a ‘ding’ moment?
  • What have been the biggest ‘ding’ moments in your life and how did improv help?
  • What are the specific business skills that improvisation tools can help businesses with?
  • How did you navigate getting the balance right in your keynotes between practical tools, motivation and entertainment?
  • How did you go about getting your first speaking gigs?
  • What advice would you give to anyone that wants to combine doing what they love and earning a living?
  • Why Planning is Important, but Improvising is Essential!
  • How learning improv can increase your resilience.
  • How Avish puts his talks together.
  • How improv helps you grow your business and impact

All things Avish:


The One Thing by Gary Keller

Improvise to Success by Avish Parashar

Say, “Yes, and” by Avish Parashar


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