Saving Lives through Storytelling with Gareth Lock - 181

Jul 29, 2021

Gareth Lock has been involved in high-risk work since he left school in 1989. He spent 25 years in the RAF in a variety of front-line operational, research and development and systems engineering roles which has given him a unique perspective.

In 2005 he fell in love with diving, started his training and is now an advanced diver. As he was learning and diving, Gareth couldn’t help but notice issues within the industry that increased health risks and potential loss of life. So, in 2016 he formed The Human Diver with the goal of bringing his operational, human factors and systems thinking to diving safety.

His work in diving safety and performance development is all about telling context rich stories that help people learn through adverse events. Over the past five years he has trained more than 350 people face-to-face around the globe, and taught nearly 2000 people via online programmes.

He has also sold more than 4000 copies of his book Under Pressure, which contains 30 stories of events, and has also produced a documentary, “If Only’, which tells the story of a fatal dive and how it might have been avoided.

In this show he is sharing his own story and how he uses speaking and stories to inspire change.

What you’ll learn:

  • What started Gareth on this journey.
  • The impact of focusing his business on a very small niche.
  • How stories fit into his business.
  • Why and how he created a documentary film and what happened as a result.
  • What is meant by a ‘just’ culture.
  • How Gareth has used speaking to building his brand, authority and business.
  • How he gets the balance right between educating and engaging.

All things Gareth:


Under Pressure by Gareth Lock

Thinking, Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman


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