Speaking About How It Should be with Ruth Anslow - 186

Sep 06, 2021

A lot of people have ideas that they think would make things better, but few progress beyond the daydream of what if?

My guest in this show had an idea that she just couldn’t shake, and after enrolling her sister, they set off on an adventure to make it real.

Today, ​​Ruth Anslow is a social entrepreneur and a keen advocate of doing business for social benefit, beyond just making profit. In 2010 she decided to take on supermarkets and co founded HISBE Food with her sister, Amy. HISBE is a supermarket chain with a difference, built on a social enterprise business model and designed to support a sustainable future for food and farming.

Alongside running HISBE, Ruth co founded The Good Business Club, to connect entrepreneurs who are starting, running and growing a “business for good” with the support and resources they need. In 2019 she started “HISBE Bootcamp,” to equip the next generation of food rebels to follow in HISBEs footsteps and launch their own change-making shops and brands.

In this show Ruth is sharing tips for how to get your idea off the ground, including how she used TEDx and speaking to spread the message.


What you’ll learn:

  • What drove Ruth to completely change her career trajectory.
  • The story of how HISBE came to be born.
  • What thoughts and feelings Ruth had about challenging the status quo.
  • The eight values that shape HISBE and the difficulties living those values and making a business sustainable.
  • How Ruth is creating a movement and getting the message out there.
  • Why Ruth didn’t launch the company for three years and what she did to build desire and momentum during this time.
  • The role that speaking has played in sharing her mission.
  • How Ruth put her TEDx talk together
  • Tips for getting started if you see something is flawed and could be done better.

All things Ruth:


Shopped! (The Shocking Power of the British Supermarkets by Joanna Blythman

Body and Soul by Anita Roddick


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